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NEW MOBILITY is a provocative, exciting and informative magazine for wheelchair users. Featuring authentic disability perspectives, NEW MOBILITY explores the leading edge of active-lifestyle living. Now in its 21st year, NM features profiles on interesting people, health articles and stories that focus on education, work, love, parenting, disability rights, art, recreation and travel.

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February 2010
Welcome to New Mobility’s February e-newsletter, which includes one of three sexy stories from our annual Sex, Wheels and Relationships issue. Check out the print edition for the other two — “Coping with the New Normal” and “Assisted Sex,” articles that clearly reflect our new tagline of Life Beyond Wheels. Enjoy
— and pass it on!


In This Edition

  • The Education of Professir X  
  • Dressed for Sitting 
  • Bladder Matters: Prostate Cancer
  • Mobility Works The Education of Professir X
    Rollx Vans Dressed for Sitting
    Liberator Medical Bladder Matters
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    Be in New Mobility
    NM’s newest column, Dis Life, features items of interest to readers who don’t have a spinal cord injury. Send ideas, tips or blatant self-promotion to Josie Byzek. (If you do have a spinal cord injury, send the above to Tiffiny Carlson.)

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    3940a Commerce Ave
    Willow Grove PA 19090-1705
    Fax: 215-830-8322           In-center Hemo,in-center PD       Distance- 11.76 mi


    Phone: 1-866-889-6019
    Intl: +1 (610) 722-6019
    Reference Number: 3016

    Belmont Court Dialysis
    255 Belmont Ave
    Doylestown PA 18901-4458
    Fax: 215-348-0396
    Phone: 215-348-7333
    Reference Number: 104652
    FMC – Doylestown Dialysis Center
    708 N Shady Retreat Rd
    Ste 5
    Doylestown PA 18901-2503
    Fax: 267-880-0753
    Phone: 215-348-9690
    Reference Number: 102645


    Liberty Dialysis – Doylestown
    2800 Kelly Rd
    Ste 110            In Center Hemo, pd

    Warrington PA 18976-3626

    Fax: 215-343-0483
    Phone: 215-488-7220
    Reference Number: 105277

    FMC – Lansdale
    100 Medical Campus Dr
    Lansdale PA 19446-1259
    Fax: 215-853-8308
    Phone: 215-853-8300
    Reference Number: 102642
    Belmont Court Dialysis
    225 Newtown Rd
    1st Floor
    Warminster PA 18974-5221
    Fax: 215-957-7995
    Phone: 215-957-7990
    Reference Number: 102806
    DSI – Sellersville
    1112 Old Bethlehem Pike
    Sellersville PA 18960-1423
    Fax: 215-257-0954
    Phone: 215-257-0950
    Reference Number: 105239

    There are more dialysis centers available in this area.


    Doylestown is the county seat of Bucks County.  There are many interesting & picturesque sites in this area.  First of all, Doylestown itself is home to two wonderful museums built by philanthropist, Henry Chapman Mercer. Born 1856 in Doylestown, he was an American archeologist, artifact collector, tile maker & designer of three very unusual poured concrete structures in town.  One being his home, FONTHILL, which is open to the public. Making up the 2nd building of the Mercer mile is THE MORAVIAN POTTERY & TILE WORKS.  Here beautiful tiles were made that were being used on the floor of the Pennsylvania State Capitol Building in HARRISBURG, PA. These beautiful mosaics trace the history of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania from prehistoric times.  The tiles can be found as far as in Grauman’s Chinese Theater, to a simple household fireplace in some fortunate Bucks Countian’s fireplace. The third building in this Mercer Mile, I think is the most interesting.  Mercer Museum has been built to look like a concrete poured castle, with narrow winding steps, up & down, eeiry, dark, mystic, housing early American tools & medical instruments!  On each level, you will find other very old artifacts, even a very large boat, hanging in the middle of the ceiling.  It also houses the Spruance Library where genealogy research can be done,  Here the Bucks County Historical Society has a wealth of research materials, cemetery, church books, etc. from Bucks & surrounding counties.  There is an elevator to get to certain parts of the museum.  But limited use is available.  Where an elevator will take you up to the library, you will have to be able to walk down some steps to get to the library itself.  There is a fee for non members.  Be prepared to park your belongings, before you go in to the room.  I would suggest that you leave purse & valuables some where’s else where they are safe.  The bathroom is not as easily accessible either.  Children are fascinated by all the varied artifacts.  If you are lucky, you might find a program in progress.  These buildings are a must!  Take your camera, pen & pad, do what you can navigate.  The buildings in town are old, shops are quaint, courthouse contains many Bucks County files, too.  Interesting place.  You could easily spend two days here.  There are lots of great cinemas in malls & great eating places outside town.  more info. Homes & Buildings 


           Peace Valley Park, New Britain Twp., is surrounded by Lake Galena. It is just a few miles north of town.  There are lots of recreational activities there such as boating, ice skating, walking trails, boat launching area, nature center & many other things to do. This place consists of 1500 acres. There are many other similar places in the area.

           Peddler’s Village in Lahaska, New Hope/ Lambertville/ Washington Crossing area are all beautiful centers of artistic culture, quaint little shops that feature local craftsmen, & little out of the way eateries with the ambience of a time gone by.  Washington’s Crossing is the site of historical nature, which explains itself.  You will just simply follow #202 all the way to the Delaware River.  Don’t forget to take that beautiful ride along the canals.


    There are also some great wineries in Bucks County. Some of them are:Buckingham Valley Vineyards, Route 413, Buckingham;  Chaddsford Winery Store in Peddler’s Village, Merchant’s Row, Lahaska; Crossing Vineyards & Winery, Wrightstown Rd., Washington Crossing.  There are many more in the area.


    Located in the more rural part of northwestern part of Bucks Co., are Erwinna Covered Bridge, Frankenfield Covered Bridge, & Uhlersville Covered Bridge. There are many others to seein the county,

    Be sure to proceed with caution, if walking, as cars often speed through the bridge. Beautiful scenery with local color abound, so please bring your cameras. 


    Antique shops/ auctions are abound in Bucks County, whether in Lahaska, New Hope, Lambertville or surrounding areas.  The area around Doylestown is full of history & reminders of the past, whether in building or artifact!

    If you want to spend time in Bucks County, there are many more wonderful places & ideas for a perfect trip.


         PLACES TO STAY-

        COLONIAL WOODS- Family Camping Resort-

             Upper Black Eddy,PA  Toll-Free: (800) 887-CAMP (2267)

                 Open Mid-April thru November 1




         RECREATION-  Golf

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    PART 1  class-b-module-img[1]

    I thought that I would begin with a specific state, locating dialysis center while at the the same time would address my basic needs & provide a partner/caregiver/ home care aide with places of interest to visit, while I was otherwise occupied with treatment.  In between resting times, these attractions & interests would give enlightenment & stimulation to a carefully planned trip!  I am most familiar with the state of PA, having lived there for over 50 years, so I would have most insight & output to area interests & attractions.  As a master genealogist, I can also give you ideas on places of research.  With a double disability (dialysis & mobility issues), a passive hobby such as researching family history is a rewarding past time.  It is even more rewarding, if you can actually visit the places that your ancestors lived, worked, & placed.  It gives more validity to who you are which is- I AM MY PAST, MY PRESENT, MY FUTURE!

    NOVEMBER 15, 2009:  Look for  part of Bucks Co., PA  soon.  i have to check & double check, then will get it in here.  My energy is quickly ebbing!

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    TRAVELING WITH A DIALYSIS/ DISABILITY rvusap598074_1thumb_140x105[1]

    I am about to embark on a new adventure.  As many of my followers know, I am a kidney patient in need of dialysis soon.  The number keeps coming up, that qualifies me for treatment, but other things negate the urgency for its use.  In plain language- if the water works (peeing) is still working & feet/ limbs are at a reasonable size, not swollen, then it can be held off for another month.  One begins to live from one blood test to another, but I am in kidney failure now which is the #15.  For those in this situation, my creatinine is between 3.2-3.5.  But my philosophy has always been that for every door that closes, there is another one just around the corner that has opened, beckoning me to keep going forward.  As this blog is titled- I AIN’T DEAD YET! Gives one my outlook on life!  Thus, I have begun a new brainstorm- Traveling With Dialysis.  Our bodies may have given up long ago on us, but our brains are active & in need of stimulation.  So let’s fulfill our dreams to travel, pick up our marbles & live each day, as if it were our last.  Be adventuresome!  HIT THE ROAD!  I will be investigating dialysis centers, campgrounds, RV traveling, attractions, etc. & yes there are even cruise lines that will do hemodialysis/ peritoneal dialysis.  I will probably direct this information to my other blog- TRAVELS WITH AUNTIE NANA.  Sooo……..stay tuned!  Your life as you know it could be changed forever!  CARPE DIEM!   SEIZE THE DAY!

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    February 2009
    Welcome to New Mobility’s February e-newsletter. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we offer our annual Sex, Wheels and Relationships cover story — this year featuring an impressively open young couple, Ethan and Julie Ruby.  


    In This Edition

  • Couples Now and Then  
  • Disable-Speak: Jargon for the Modern Age 
  • Urethral Surgeries 
  • Thanks for reading — and writing — about an active life on wheels. Pass it on!


    Mobility Works

    Couples Then and Now


    New Mobility Online

    Bladder Matters

    Don’t Miss an Issue
    In March, we’ll unravel the mysteries of Tethered Cords and Spinal Cysts. And in April, our writer argues that people with disabilities are more visible then ever — a Gimp Media Revolution is underway. Be in New Mobility
    Bob Vogel has fractured five major bones since becoming paralyzed and is writing a story about secondary long-bone fracture following SCI. If you have experiences to share with him, please contact him at as soon as possible.

    Firsts: Have an embarassing disability-related incident that struck a funny bone for the first time? Send your story (200 words or less) to by Feb. 15th. You just might see it in New Mobility.

    New Mobility is pleased to announce that the complete issue of the magazine is now accessible to subscribers in an online version. Click here for more details!


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    Sonnet XIV

    If thou must love me, let it be for nought
    Except for love’s sake only. Do not say
    “I love her for her smile — her look — her way
    Of speaking gently, — for a trick of thought
    That falls in well with mine, and certes brought
    A sense of pleasant ease on such a day” –
    For these things in themselves, Beloved, may
    Be changed, or change for thee, — and love, so wrought,
    May be unwrought so. Neither love me for
    Thine own dear pity’s wiping my cheeks dry, —
    A creature might forget to weep, who bore
    Thy comfort long, and lose thy love thereby!
    But love me for love’s sake, that evermore
    Thou mayst love on, through love’s eternity.

    Elizabeth Barrett Browning


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